Tooth Straightening

invisalignWe are pleased to be able to offer simple removable and fixed braces to correct tooth malalignment in the top and/or bottom jaws.

Quite often there is a discrepancy between the size of our teeth and the amount of space nature has given them. This results in poor alignment or the crooked appearance of the front teeth. The overall effect can be less than appealing and this is especially so in the upper jaw which is visible when smiling. In other situations previous orthodontic treatment has failed, and the teeth have moved back into their previous poor position.

Correction of malpositioned teeth in the past has always involved braces. Recently there has been a revolutionary change in the choice of systems available to achieve beautiful results. The options include removable braces, clear aligners, fixed braces, and combination braces.

The first step to a dazzling smile is a full assessment and consultation to discuss the problems and find the most suitable option.

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