Without a doubt, the greatest cosmetic results for the least active treatment is tooth whitening. Naturally yellow teeth and the toll of a modern lifestyle e.g. tea, coffee, red wine and smoking all add to an aging appearance. This simple whitening procedure causes no harm to tooth structure while restoring a dazzling youthful brightness to your smile.

The technique we often suggest is the ‘combination’ technique. This involves both in-surgery laser-assisted whitening followed by the use of gentle home products.

At-Home Whitening – we make custom-designed teeth whitening trays for patients. They fit your teeth and gums perfectly. This customised fit limits any tooth or gum sensitivity from occurring. You need to wear the customised trays with a special whitening gel during sleep for approximately 2 weeks.

In-Surgery Whitening

For in-surgery teeth whitening, we use two highly trusted teeth whitening brands, Enlighten and Phillips Zoom!

The final results are a natural and healthier appearance turning back the clock to a younger, whiter smile.

Smile Style Dental offers Teeth Whitening treatments for patients across Shepherds Bush, Bayswater, Holland Park and beyond.




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