For over eighteen years we have been providing our patients with the revolutionary benefits of replacement teeth supported by dental implants.

A dental implant is a small titanium insert that is placed under the gum in the position of missing teeth. The implant then acts like a tooth root and as a foundation for a new crown, bridge or removable denture. Most commonly, each implant will support one or more teeth. The technique can replace teeth that have been missing for both short and long periods of time. Since the fixed replacement of teeth remains constantly in place patients frequently state they forget that they are not their own original teeth!

The wonderful benefits of this treatment allow for beautiful natural looking teeth placed permanently into position without interfering with surrounding dentition. Cosmetic form and function are all restored back to the way nature intended.

A full and comprehensive initial assessment is required to establish the most suitable implant solution for each individual case. Treatment options, time and financial commitment and predicted outcomes are fully discussed before treatment, ensuring optimum outcomes are achieved.



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