Crowns & Bridges


New and exciting ceramic materials allow us to produce reliable and life-like restorations (crowns, bridges, veneers and fillings). We can achieve wonderful visual appearance while being confident of durability and strength.

New crowns are made for a variety of reasons including the consolidation of weakened or cracked teeth with large restorations, to protect badly decayed or dead teeth or to replace defective or damaged old crowns.

Each crown is individually made, under magnification, over many hours by a team of qualified dental technicians. The bespoke end result could be thought of as a uniquely crafted product of technical art and science!


One of the options when replacing missing teeth is to consider the fabrication of a dental bridge. A dental bridge uses the teeth on both sides of  a gap to support a synthetic tooth. Although traditionally bridges have required the crowning (capping) of the adjacent teeth, other options are now available to minimise the removal of sound adjacent tooth structure. Adhesive type bridges utilise wings which are attached behind the adjacent teeth and thus avoid unnecessary drilling.

A full assessment of adjacent teeth, gum health and size and position of gaps is required to explore the most suitable option for tooth replacement.



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