Children’s Dentistry

20131003_091826We welcome children and grown-ups of all ages to our practice (current age range is from 2 months to 98 years). We look after our younger visitors by using the same philosophy as when treating all our patients – with respect, courtesy and never doing anything against their wishes.

Starting good habits from an early age is the foundation for good dental health for life. We encourage parents to bring children for their first visit from as early as two years and before problems could begin. Although active treatment is rarely required at this age, by building a positive relationship early we can ensure a lack of apprehension that lasts a lifetime.

Prevention, including dietary advice, home care techniques, the use of fluorides and fissure sealants are all discussed and tailored to individual needs.

If active treatment is ever required it is done with pain-free and low stress techniques.

All of our patients are individuals – just different ages and sizes.


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