Smile Makeover

Over the years Trevor had experienced a lot of dental treatment, much of it patching up previous problems. After suffering a series of broken teeth and fillings we agreed that a more comprehensive approach for Trevor’s whole mouth was required. This was spurred on by the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult for Trevor to chew on the broken down back teeth.

Careful analysis and planning produced an extensive plan of action which resulted in treatment including implants, crowns, veneers and replacement tooth coloured fillings.

Trevor was overjoyed with the results. He noted that he could look at a restaurant menu knowing he could now chew anything he picked!

This patient had a poor bite, the way his teeth were arranged meant he was quickly wearing them away. In addition, this busy city-worker dad was often stressed, grinding and clenching his teeth. As a result, the teeth were getting smaller and constantly breaking.

The treatment program was a full mouth reconstruction. The bite was raised and improved using porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. Then two teeth with poor prognosis were removed and restored with implant crowns. Happy patient and happy dentist.

With her wedding day arranged, Beth came to the practice as a new patient. After putting it off for years, she finally had the incentive to do something about her front teeth. For a long time she had disliked the discoloured old crown on her front tooth. She had always been self conscious of the gaps between her teeth (see Beth’s letter, below) and we really had to work hard to convince Beth to allow us to take the ‘before’ smile photographs.

After a course of tooth whitening, a new crown and front veneers, Beth was ready for her Wedding Day. When we received the photograph and letter she tells of the pride and confidence her new smile gave her.

Like all good grandmothers, Jenny does her bit to help look after her grandchildren. On one memorable occasion, Neil, her 4 year old grandson was staring at her. He then asked her- ‘Nan –why do you have such ugly teeth?’ Well that was enough. Recommended by a good friend Jenny sought our help. She was embarrassed to admit to years of neglect caused by a fear of coming to the dentist.

We supported Jenny, helping her overcome her fear, and re-establishing a healthy mouth. Over a period of many months we embarked on a comprehensive care plan. By using crowns, bridges and veneers we were able to create a pleasing appearance and a lovely smile.

Jenny was overjoyed with her dental success and we received Neil’s approval too.

Two weeks before Sarah was due to deliver a presentation at a conference, she broke the old veneer on her front tooth (not our work). In fact, Sarah was not too upset about the broken veneer since she had never liked it; it was the wrong colour and had a ledge which caused her gum to be inflamed. However, the timing was inconvenient, as she didn’t want stand up in front of a few hundred strangers while she had a distracting less-than-perfect smile.

Needless to say, we were able to help out. We gave her a course of tooth whitening, gum treatment and of course a beautiful new veneer. Result – new tooth, new smile and a great presentation.

Full smile makeover. This patient hadn’t seen a dentist in 20 years and he needed dental treatment before cosmetic. We completed the whole treatment plan in just three months. Starting with restorative treatment, we quickly progressed to whitening, porcelain veneers and finally an implant crown. He told me “I can finally smile again”.

This gentleman was not happy with his smile, crooked teeth and a failing lower front tooth. We advised orthodontic treatment but he did not like the idea of wearing braces or slingers. He wanted a faster result. The lower front tooth was replaced with an implant crown and the rest of the teeth were restored with minimal preparation porcelain veneers. He started smiling with more confidence.

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