Do you have gaps or missing teeth? Let’s look at dental implants…

February 26, 2020

Do you have missing teeth? Are missing teeth affecting the way you eat, chew, speak and smile?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. According to the Mirror Online, Brits have 110 million missing teeth. Our mouths are giving us little to smile about, with approximately 27 million adults in the UK having at least one missing tooth.

Teeth can come out for all sorts of reasons, including sports injuries, accidents, and illness. Many people say it hinders their confidence and can even stop them from going for job interviews or finding a partner.

Not only can missing teeth affect a person’s confidence, but it can also cause problems with the surrounding teeth. It can cause your jawbone to shrink and your gums can start to recede, which causes the teeth on either side of the gap to weaken. Neighbouring teeth may also start to try and grow into the gap, which can cause problems with crooked or overcrowded teeth. This also allows plaque to form, which increases the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and further tooth loss.

If you are one of the 27 million people in the UK with missing teeth, dental implants are a highly recommended solution. Smile Style Dental Care in Holland Park has been treating patients with missing teeth with dental implants for over 18 years.  Below we explore some of the more commonly asked questions regarding dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium screws, which are used to support and fix a crown or bridge in place. The screws act just like a natural tooth root and then the new false tooth or teeth can be fixed to this sturdy foundation. They offer a long-term solution to missing teeth.

What is the process of getting dental implants?

We will give you a full and comprehensive initial assessment to ascertain the best implant solution for your teeth. Each case is treated on an individual basis and time, financial commitment, and predicted outcomes will all be discussed before treatment begins.

The dental implant is planted into the jawbone. You will not feel any pain as we use a local anaesthetic. Titanium is used as this material is generally accepted well by the body.

After the implants are fitted, the bone surrounding your implant will gradually fuse to it, a process called ‘osseointegration’. This process usually takes a few months. During this healing time, a temporary denture can be used for aesthetic purposes. Once this process has taken place the long-term crown or bridge can be fitted.

How long will dental implants last?

Dental implants are sometimes called replacement ‘teeth for life’. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, for decades, or just as long as normal healthy teeth. They are so secure that many people forget they are dental implants.

How safe are dental implants?

According to Bupa, 130,000 dental implants are placed in the UK every year. They are highly recommended by dentists as a safe and long-term solution to missing teeth. The success rate of dental implants is close to 100% successful.

What are the main advantages of dental implants?

There are many advantages of having dental implants, these include: –

  • Improved appearance – they look, feel and act like your own teeth.
  • Improved speech – missing teeth can slur speech and the dental implants correct this.
  • Can eat your favourite foods – no foods are out of bounds as you can chew, bite, etc as you would with your natural teeth.
  • Comfortable – ill-fitting dentures can be uncomfortable, whereas dental implants are as comfortable as your natural teeth.
  • Durable – they can literally last you a lifetime if looked after properly.
  • Convenient – can eat and drink as normal without removing them or getting food stuck beneath them.
  • Improve self-confidence – having teeth replaced can help with your self-esteem and give you a boost.
  • Safe and reliable – they have an average success rate of 90%.

What are the costs of dental implants?

At Smile Style Dental Care the fee for one dental implant and the final crown is £2500 but we are offering a special reduction of 10%, which means the price for your new ‘tooth for life’ is only £2250.

If you would like to take up this offer or discuss dental implant options further, please contact our friendly team today on 020 7727 5810 or you can visit our dental implants page here.

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